Aym Playing

I bought a bar of Strong Dark by Chocolove. It included this love poem inside. The copy included in the bar’s wrapper began at “an enchantress ‘mid embraces.”

Should I criticize Chocolove for using Orientalist imagery? The chocolate bar was good!

Album of Persian and Indian calligraphy and paintings, Detail of a portrait of Shāh Ṭahmasp, Walters Manuscript W.668, fol.4b detail by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts on Flickr.

Hitting the crossbar is painful

   The ball’s echo hollows my heart

The vibrations of the net loosen my lungs

   to fall from my chest

The goalie’s look skyward and prayers of thanks

    turn my liver to bile and my stomach to cramps

O wood whose emptiness I love

    and whose whitened edges I hate

You are America’s gold and I am Cortez

    I am your Ahab and you are my white whale

Mexico's Carlos Salcido's shot hits the crossbar as Argentina's goalkeeper Sergio Romero attempts to catch it in Johannesburg - Sunday June 27, 2010