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Innocence Project (1) by whileseated on Flickr.Thanks to DNA evidence and the efforts of the Innocence Project, Clarence was released from prison in 2004

Innocence Project (1) by whileseated on Flickr.

Thanks to DNA evidence and the efforts of the Innocence Project, Clarence was released from prison in 2004

Innocence Project (2) by whileseated on Flickr.Calvin C. Johnson was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. Mr. Johnson served 16 years of a life sentence.

Innocence Project (2) by whileseated on Flickr.

Calvin C. Johnson was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. Mr. Johnson served 16 years of a life sentence.

Letter I sent to Georgia Representatives Urging Removal of Anti-Immigrant Provisions from SB 160
The original legislation proposed in both the House and Senate fixed some of the problems in the anti-immigrant bill HB 87 which Governor Deal signed into law.
Amendments to the legislation would “make it a crime for state and local government officials to accept any foreign passport as proof of identification unless the passport is accompanied by proof of legal immigration status” and would prevent lawfully present immigrants granted deferred action and those granted reprieve from natural disasters and war from obtaining driving licenses.
I urge you to reject these amendments and pass the legislation as originally proposed to fix the problem of professional licensing which HB 87 created.
In the case of Speaker Ralston, who is not my representative, I urge you to use your influence to fix SB 160.
Ayman Fadel
Sources: ACLU of Georgia legislative alert, Azadeh Shahshahani’s article from March 27, 2013 in the Daily Report

Georgia District 12 Representative John Barrow met with constituents at the Columbia County Library on February 23, 2013. This is an unofficial recording of the Q&A.

I hope to make some comments on this later. While I disagree with John Barrow’s comments on guns, immigration and health care, I thank him for meeting with the constituents and explaining some things about how the government works and details of the administration of policies. At the end of the recording, it is I thanking him for this.

Tell Georgia Governor Deal to Get Moving on Clean Offshore Wind Energy

Clean-Energy Supporters,

Today, Hundreds of Sierra Club supporters are calling Governor Nathan Deal’s office to send him a clear message: Join the Smart from the Start Offshore Wind Initiative and create Georgia Wind jobs! We need your support to make this action a success! Can youcall Governor Deal’s office and deliver that message? Governor Nathan Deal: 404-656-1776

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John Barrow’s Immigration Policy Uses Xenophobia as Excuse to Do Nothing

John Barrow is Georgia District 12’s representative to the United States House of Representatives. As one of his constituents, I met with him today. I pressed for two issues: decriminalization of narcotics and immigration reform.

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Show Gratitude to Working Immigrants Regardless of Documentation

Current immigration law makes it difficult for people who reside in the United States without legal status to get permanent residency or a work permit. Undocumentable workers are subject to exploitation by their employers, discriminatory state laws and administrative practices and exposure to criminal violence due to a fear of interaction with the police and criminal justice system.

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Audio transcription of first draft of letter I’ve submitted to the Augusta Chronicle urging United States citizens to support human rights for immigrant workers based on an ethic of neighborliness and gratitude for the services those workers provide.

Why Should the Name Avi Dichter Be Familiar to Georgians?

Avi Dichter is the current Home Front Minister of Israel. In 2002, in his capacity as head of the Israeli intelligence service Shin Bet, he assassinated Salah Shehadeh. Because this assassination also killed 15 others, including 9 children, and injured dozens more, human rights advocates, including the Center for Constitutional Rights, have called for his arrest and trial as a war criminal. Salah was a Hamas leader in Gaza with whom Israel was negotiating a cease-fire. In 2012, Israel assassinated Ahmed Jaabari, with whom Israel was also negotiating a cease-fire.

In 2007, Avi Dichter met with public safety officers and others as part of the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange program.

Should not Georgians be concerned that their public safety officers are exchanging notes with war criminals and representatives of Apartheid Israel's military and police?

Should I Bother to Vote? Columbia County, Georgia, USA
hey, i have a friend in columbia county who doesn’t see the point in voting since he doesn’t pay too much attention to local politics. who can stand to? it’s gross! anyway, do you have sort of a preferred candidates list that i can forward to him? he’s sort of like you in that he voted for Obama and feels disappointed by war activity and surveillance and war on drugs and no universal health care.

Yes, yes, yes.

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