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Georgia District 12 Representative John Barrow met with constituents at the Columbia County Library on February 23, 2013. This is an unofficial recording of the Q&A.

I hope to make some comments on this later. While I disagree with John Barrow’s comments on guns, immigration and health care, I thank him for meeting with the constituents and explaining some things about how the government works and details of the administration of policies. At the end of the recording, it is I thanking him for this.

John Barrow’s Immigration Policy Uses Xenophobia as Excuse to Do Nothing

John Barrow is Georgia District 12’s representative to the United States House of Representatives. As one of his constituents, I met with him today. I pressed for two issues: decriminalization of narcotics and immigration reform.

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Show Gratitude to Working Immigrants Regardless of Documentation

Current immigration law makes it difficult for people who reside in the United States without legal status to get permanent residency or a work permit. Undocumentable workers are subject to exploitation by their employers, discriminatory state laws and administrative practices and exposure to criminal violence due to a fear of interaction with the police and criminal justice system.

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Audio transcription of first draft of letter I’ve submitted to the Augusta Chronicle urging United States citizens to support human rights for immigrant workers based on an ethic of neighborliness and gratitude for the services those workers provide.

A Tale of 2 Water Bills in #Georgia

#Augusta subsidizes a private golf course for the rich. #Atlanta tries to close a homeless shelter over a disputed unpaid water bill.

The city notified the Task Force it had forgotten to bill them for over eight thousand dollars in October 2008, according to the letter obtained by IPS. Despite numerous attempts by the Task Force to get the city to document what the charges are for, they have never received any documentation.

Update from Augusta, May 16, 2012: Augusta raises rates for Forest Hills golf course and to the same it charges for public golf courses

Positive Thinking after Trauma of #Execution of #TroyDavis

Like many of you, I had signed petitions and called and wrote letters urging justice in the case of the murder of Mark MacPhail. I believed that justice could in no way be served by executing Troy Davis.

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Part of my continuing coverage of the student scholarship organizations law in Georgia.

Paine College Free Chemistry Class for Middle and High Schoolers #Augusta #Georgia

For six weeks, Dr. Sardar Yousufzai will teach middle and high school students the basic concepts of chemistry. This is a free six-week, one hour course at Paine College. The main objective is to equip students with basic knowledge for science courses.

Where: Paine College's Walker Science Building

When: June 7-July 22, every Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30-11:30 AM

To enroll or get more information, call Dr. Sardar Yousufzai at (706) 860-8992 or e-mail syousufzai@paine.edu.  

Dr. Yousufzai taught a similar course in 2009.

Is This List Representative of #AfricanAmerican #Fiction? #Augusta #Georgia

I picked up a brochure at my local library in Augusta, Georgia entitled African American Fiction Read-A-Likes. The format is If you like X, try A, B, C, …

These are the authors identified as models or prototypes:

I look at these books and don’t see anything I feel like reading. I imagined I would see books of the depth and quality of Bless Me, Ultima, which appears in Chicano Literature lists.

I understand having teen, romance, crime and even erotica, but I get the impression there is nothing weightier in this list. Am I wrong here? Are there some gems here that I’ve overlooked?

Does your Organization Want to Join the #Georgia #Peace and #Justice Coalition? #GPJC