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Correct My Translation on Behalf of the Special Olympics

Through the Rosetta Stone Foundation, I volunteered to translate a document on behalf of the Special Olympics from English to Arabic. Here is the English document, and here is my translation. If you have suggestions/corrections, send them to me by e-mail. If you send me the MS Word document, remember to use Track Changes.

Illuminated Manuscript, Work on the duties of Muslims toward the Prophet Muhammad with an account of his life, Illuminated incipit page with titlepiece, Walters Art Museum MS. W.580, fol. 2a by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts on Flickr.

Arabic rendition of American protest song We Shall Overcome, as performed by Pete Seeger, but with some lyrical differences.

I sing this, and my voice is not good. Nevertheless, if you can suggest improvements in the words, please do so.

معذرة من صوتي غير الجميل و لكن الرجاء إرسال اقتراحاتكم لتحسين الكلام