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Observations on al-Ahram Cover 9th February #Egypt #Jan25

I haven’t found a permalink for the cover. But the website from which I pulled the pdf I’m looking at is Newseum.org.

Caveat. I lived in Egypt 9 months in 1989. So my ideas of what al-Ahram usually publish are 21 yrs old, so things might have changed and my memory might be distorting things.

Some articles on the front page:


  • Demonstrators Besiege Majlis al-Sha`b and Majlis al-Shura (two bodies of parliament) and Ministry of Health
  • Sulayman: Egypt Has Two Choices: “Dialogue” or “Coup d’Etat”

    I’m impressed with the mere fact that the newspaper did not repeat all the baseless accusations against the demonstrators which regime propaganda previously used. I’m also impressed that it used words like January 25 revolution. I’m impressed that it mentioned the large numbers of demonstrators and their encirclement of both houses of parliament.

    At the same time, I’m don’t want to pretend al-Ahram is now at the forefront of revolution. It’s merely toned down from being National Democratic Party mouthpiece to conservative semi-objectivity.

    Also, the fact that the front page’s main graphic is the demonstrators and not a politician is encouraging.

    I invite people more knowledgeable of al-Ahram to comment and correct.

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