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Apr 13

End the Pentagon Slush Fund! -

I just supported End the Pentagon Slush Fund! on @ThunderclapIt // @afscpeace

Apr 12


Mar 05


When God hath ordained a creature to die in a particular place. He causeth that creature’s wants to direct him to that place.


When God hath ordained a creature to die in a particular place. He causeth that creature’s wants to direct him to that place.

Dec 16

“What would happen in America if we Muslims separated Mosque and Culture? What if you had mosques where the ONLY thing done was prayer? No asking for religious advice (non prayer related) no classes, nobody sharing their opinions, no discussion, no hanging out, no eating, no social events of any kind, no politics and no preaching. No Jummah or Eid sermons at this mosque. You could go to a FRIDAY/EID MOSQUE for that. Just a beautiful, immaculate space to do the daily prayers. Each mosque of this type could specify their mathhab of prayer but be open to anybody who just wanted a space to pray. For all the other stuff that goes on at mosques now, there could be SEPARATE cultural and community centers, political party headquarters, libraries, restaurants, seminaries and Koran schools, gyms, hospitals, day cares, whatever. GENERAL PURPOSE MOSQUES would remain and function alongside these more specialized spaces.” — My friend posed this on FB. What are your thoughts? Would “prayer-only” mosques be welcoming or hostile to women’s presence? (via sideentrance)

Dec 08

Don't Leave Your Masaahif & Prayer Rugs in the Desert -

Brother Mujahideen, our greatest weapon against the United States of America is its ignorance of our preparations to attack it. One of their most prominent thinkers, Dennis Michael Lynch, has produced two documentaries to warn the enemy of our infiltration from Mexico. He has even coined a term…

Sep 16

Stop Getting Tattoos! New Call and Response Protocol


The diabolical patriot Sue Myrick has used her keen knowledge of world affairs and her important position on the House Intelligence Committee to learn of our infiltration efforts due to our tactic of using Arabic script tattoos to identify ourselves. From now on, Brothers, we will no longer use such tattoos, but instead use this low-key call and response to recognize each other.

Aug 09

AlQaida: se habla español -


Remember, brothers, learn Spanish, because the foolish Anglo-Americans love their Spanish-speaking “little brothers” from the rest of the Americas.

Aug 03


Jul 31


Jul 29

Sucks to be brown in Space: white people make up black attackers: master post. -


Okay I am posting this just because I want to save it and keep it for future reference. There is nothing in here that hasn’t been said before. Please print this out and put it on your damn fridge or in your first aid kits along with a set of pliers to pull your own damn teeth out when you can’t…